THE CASSANDRA TRIGGER                                    

An American dystopia novel by Adrian Wyllie         


Cover of The Cassandra Trigger, a dystopian novel by Adrian Wyllie


Some of the recent reviews on The Cassandra Trigger:          

  "Exceptional! Great read!" -Anne B. Hodges

  "Adrian has brought shades of Fahrenheit 451 into the computer age." -Dario Diaz

  "Well written, smart and gripping." -Brianna N

  "A highly entertaining, frighteningly possible portrayal of the future of America." -Russ

  "I am truly impressed by this book...a harrowing adventure set in a desolate timeframe." -Matt Schnackenberg

  "This book is a real eye opener." -Bashful Bobbi

  "An amazing read." -Joseph Jarvis

  "You will love the story...Pull the trigger and buy this book." -Mike Van

  "Impossible to put down!" -Sharon H

  "Very entertaining.  It really gets you thinking." -David Webb

  "Unlike many books that show a dystopian future, this one gives a very plausible explanation on how we got there...I had a hard time putting the book down." -Robert Cossairt

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