THE CASSANDRA TRIGGER                                    

An American dystopia novel by Adrian Wyllie         


Cover of The Cassandra Trigger, a dystopian novel by Adrian Wyllie


In 2028, a working-class family of four struggles to survive after an economic collapse cripples our nation. Hopelessness, hunger and fear grips ordinary Americans, as an increasingly totalitarian government uses biometric surveillance and brutal enforcement to retain power and crush dissent.

The family’s small act of civil disobedience quickly evolves into a terrifying and violent encounter with federal agents, forcing them to leave everything behind and run for their lives. Desperately trying to evade the technology of tyranny, they are sheltered by compassionate strangers who are willing to risk everything to help them.

When their paths cross with a group of revolutionary computer hackers, they unknowingly become the catalyst for a long-simmering insurgency, which holds their fate…and the fate of our nation…in the balance.

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